About Ria Kashyap

Growing up as a British Asian, I spent my weekdays stuffed into a dull school uniform and my weekends wrapped in exquisite saris and shawls. Silks, soft cottons, cashmere and stunning embroidery were my first true loves.

I was living in two very different worlds of fashion. One in jeans and jumpers, the other in lenghas and Punjabi suits made just for me. Life was a blend of east and west, influencing my style, designs and my passion for creating beautiful, timeless pieces of clothing.

As a child, my mother was my fashion muse. She was the leading lady in our very own suburban Bollywood film. I spent hours trawling through her cupboard, unfolding yards of silky saris and salwar kameez’s. She unwittingly taught me how to look after and love clothes.

My love for fashion grew. Yet, instead of listening to my passion, I gave into convention and studied for a degree in something sensible before starting a career in project management.

“THERE ISn’t an item of clothing in my COLlECTION THAT I WOULDN’T WEAR MYSELF”

My true love lay in the design of saree blouses. The way they could change the look of a saree or Lengha fascinated me. I was inspired by the intricate stitching and the way a few centimetres of fabric here and there could make such a difference. I began experimenting and selected black, white, gold and silver as my initial colour choices. They complimented most other colours and could always be found in the details of an Indian fashion piece.

I started to design blouses that were not typically Indian in style, yet not entirely westernised. The more blouses I designed and created in this muted colour palette, the more I realised that I could change an entire outfit with one small piece. These blouses became central to my own outfits and I realised that the versatility of their design, the elegance of the cut and the luxury of the fabric meant that they were not just part of the outfit, they made it what it was.

So now, my love of fashion has finally resulted in my dream; my own range of Ria Kashyap luxury designer blouses. Although Indian in origin, Ria Kashyap blouses can be worn with a heavily embroidered Lengha or a pair of high-waisted jeans. They can sit under an elegantly draped saree or be worn with a casual pair of harem pants.

“The beauty of these blouses is the freedom of choice. To be worn for any occasion, whatever your mood. They are the foundation of my new and eclectic range of clothing which also includes a stunning range of skirts, pants, sarees and salwars. These creations are close to my heart and I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I love making them.”

RIA Kashyap