• RIA Kashyap


    The ultimate fusion of east and west design, our garments epitomise luxury and timeless glamour. Wear it once or wear it over and over again, these pieces will not be forgotten. Shimmer, shine and always stand out. Our designs are more than just clothes, they’re you at your best.

The Rahat <span>Blouse</span>

The Rahat Blouse

The gold beaded back has been constructed by hand, each bead painstakingly put in place to ensure quality and longevity.

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The Kiara <span>Blouse</span>

The Kiara Blouse

This is a strappy, sexy piece designed for those wild nights when you want to feel gorgeous and make an impact.

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The Rawa <span>Blouse</span>

The Rawa Blouse

Rawa has true movie star quality with gold matt pearl detailing along the bodice and back.

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The Amora <span>Blouse</span>

The Amora Blouse

A stunning creation of silver crepe material and a crossed back adorned with a dangling floral brooch. The Amora blouse.

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The Panache Cowl-Side <span>Pant</span>

The Panache Cowl-Side Pant

Constructed of free flowing, soft satin, the Panache cowl pant is glamorous, different and supremely comfortable.

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The Amber <span>Blouse</span>

The Amber Blouse

A divine blouse for those nights where you want to stand out. The Amber Blouse.

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The Empress <span>Saree</span>

The Empress Saree

Our Empress saree represents a unique take on the traditional material used for this timeless Indian favourite.

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The Feryal <span>Blouse</span>

The Feryal Blouse

Set hearts racing with this wild velvet creation of red and silver. The Feryal blouse.

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The Royalty <span>Skirt</span>

The Royalty Skirt

Made out of a soft chiffon, the Royalty skirt is a true work of elegance and grace.

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The Barkat <span>Blouse</span>

The Barkat Blouse

A lace overlay and floral neckpiece gives the Barkat blouse a romantic feel.

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The Rhiyan Butterfly-net <span>Saree</span>

The Rhiyan Butterfly-net Saree

Our range of Butterfly-net pieces are not only pretty but extra light and comfortable to wear.

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The Ria <span>Blouse</span>

The Ria Blouse

Tassels are hot this season, so Ria is on trend and spectacular.

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