Create a long and slender silhouette with our take on the traditional saree. Using the finest, lightweight materials, our sarees are comfortable and elegant.

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The Empress Saree

Our Empress saree represents a unique take on the traditional material used for this timeless Indian favourite.

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The Rhiyan Butterfly-net Saree

Our range of Butterfly-net pieces are not only pretty but extra light and comfortable to wear.

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The R|K Trouser Saree

This contemporary styled Saree is what we are living for! The R|K Trouser Saree featured in various colours and textures, oozes style, fashion, elegance and edge all in one!

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The R|K Ready-Made Wrap Saree

Why be a pro when the easiest Ready-Made Saree has been introduced to your life!

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The Rhiyan Chiffon Saree

The soft chiffon material caresses the skin with this simple yet striking piece.

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