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The Belle Blouse

Luxury velvet will never go out of style and neither will the super chic Belle Blouse!

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The Freya Blouse

Giving you all the evening glamour that’s needed! Freya oozes sophistication with a blend of shimmer and grace.

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The Rabhya Blouse

Inspired by traditional meaning of being Worshipped, Rabhya’s goddess like presence is both intricate and exquisite.

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The Shreya Blouse

Intricate bead work combined with a soft mesh is a mix and match dream.

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The Rumi Blouse

Inspired by traditional Indian henna designs, Rumi’s floral detailing is both intricate and exquisite.

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The Subhaan Blouse

Subhaan is a softly constructed blouse with gently draped chiffon over lace, embellished with a diamond brooch.

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The Raees Blouse

Raees takes its inspiration from a classical gold and diamond ring, with just the right amount of shine to keep you glistening.

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